For children: MIRA'm project

We carry out activities for all ages where our most precious tool is the game of putting themselves on the shoes of others.
We do these actions in schools, medical centres, cultural centres and companies.
El gat i la lluna
Flipping through the pages of the book we will discover why the letters are getting bigger to the point of blindness. And, looking at the illustrations we will imagine the world with other visions.
Through a dog’s eyes
A journey through the sound and images of Barcelona to understand how a guide dog does his job and know how to respect it.
Cafeteria MiraBad
 A virtual cafeteria that will test all the senses.
Discovering Angela
Angela is a little clay sculpture. We will discover its creation process and why it is born.
Games to understand the capabilities that good vision gives and become aware of the personal skills we have as human beings.
Participating in MIRA’m activities, you will help our tree grow.