For the visual accessibility

Individual freedom is a right and is linked to the ability we have to decide on important aspects of our lives but, also, on other more trivial such as choosing how to read a book or buying a product. We work so that this right can be exercised.

In the books

Often, in the editing process of a book, its visual accessibility is not considered ,and if it is, they create the audiobook version. Our proposal goes further: we incorporate in the audiobook version, the audio description of the images and/or illustrations, and those aspects that make it a special or different book due to its design or format.
Work done:
  • Through a Dog’s Eye.
  • El Llarg viatge d’en Joan Miró.
  • Bon dia, Nit.

Into the companies

Awareness workshops for companies that want to improve the visual accessibility of their products or brand to reach all people.
Assessment of the visual accessibility of a product or brand and creation of improvement proposals.
Training for people who work in the restoration and trade sector, to acquire the social skills necessary and be able to attend people with low vision or blindness.